Product Development

We believe in a simple formula during this phase:

Solid R&D + Ingenuity = Top notch Designing of your product!

Energy & Endurance

Fiatec is able to provide a series functional ingredients, such as Ribose as cellular energy souce to delivery an energy boos that last all day, provide sustained energy without crash & increase energy reserve capacity.

Bone & Joint Health

Fiatec is able to provide a series of natural ingredients, such as mangosteen extract from France as anti-inflammatory agent with Malaysia recognized Halal source, Tart Cherries from Denmark to soothes muscle and joint soreness, or standardized milk calcium with combination of hydrolysed collagen for Calcium fortification.

Weight Management

A series of weight management solutions with the combination of white kidney bean, green coffee bean extract, polyphenols Extract can help suppress carbohydrate absorption & reduced waist size and abdominal fat with support clinical study.

Healthy Aging

Fiatec is able to provide a series anti-aging , such as exGrape® Seed for UV protection and free radical scavenger, or Vineatrol ® for anti oxidant and anti inflammatory effect supplement with hydrolysed collagen for protein supplement.

Sugar Substitution

Uses unique solution compare to general sugar replacer/substitution in the market. Fiatec has a unique product ‘SUITENA’ with supporting human study believe to beneficial for diabetic & health conscious people.

Immune Booster

Fiatec is able to provide a natural ingredient against flu & cold relief such as Blackcurrant & Elderberry or Prebiotic (XOS) from chicory source & Probiotic for better digestive and immune system.

Brain & Memory

Fiatec is able to provide a series functional ingredients, such as Phosphatidylserine-PS & Phosphatidylcholine-PC to improve memory & age related cognitive disorder or gingko biloba for alertness.

Skin & Beauty

Fiatec has series of product with functional ingredients to achieve better skin complexion, reduces wrinkles, brightening & skin regeneration properties with customized formulation such as hydrolysed collagen, exGrape® TOTAL, Olivex® and MitoActiveTM .

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Fiatec is able to provide ingredient such as Ribose, exGrape® TOTAL & exGrape® SEED for heart protection and atherosclerotic diseases prevention.