Our understanding and coverage in these 2 primary products focus are so extensive that you will be able to leverage for your marketing distribution strategy. Our primary products focus:

  • Functional Food

    Food and Beverage segment is best suited for working adults, young adults and family as well, as the products offered under this segment are well known by this age group. In addition, the convenience offered by these products, such as instant coffee and energy drinks will definitely appeal to this age group. To-date, Fiatec has produced close to thousands of products under this segment.

    Fiatec is capable of producing various kind of dietary supplements that  suit for wide range of age as well. This will help enable our clients to offer a wide range of cosmetics products to a varying age group, all under one roof at Fiatec.



Fiatec has a world class standard facilities which allowing us to fulfill your orders. Together with our expert, combining with our large-scale production of powder & sachet. We are confident that we can deliver your orders with a big success!

Here are the details of our product categories:

Paper Canister

Powder Sachet / Bulk Pack

Plastic Canister